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Rose Quartz Roller

Rose Quartz Roller

Rose Quartz Roller | by Kayla Banks, Lady Luxe Life The Rose Quartz Roller is a must have item, which has started as a trend and has now become as a top essential.  I...

Osea Hydrating Oil

Benefits of Osea Hydrating Oil | Lady Luxe Life: Osea Hydrating Oil is a game changer in skin care. I’m a big believer in hydrating your skin, especially your face. You can find out...
anti aging peels

Anti Aging Peels

Anti Aging Peels | Lady Luxe Life: I’m a huge fan of Dr Dennis Gross’ Anti Aging Peels and use once a week. Below are a few of the benefits: COMBATS UNEVEN SKIN TONE:...
winter facials

Winter Facials

Winter Facials | Lady Luxe Life: Winter Facials become a necessity with the dry weather in Texas, and I love to find new ways to take care of my skin. Be Well, Health &...

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