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seasonal flowers
seasonal flowers

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Seasonal flowers are one of my favorite ways to keep my house looking fresh and cozy at all times.  My favorite is Austin Flower Company but many times, I’ll just pick up flowers from my local grocery store when I go shopping, like Randalls or Central Market. Here is an example of flowers which are in season throughout the year.  There’s an extensive list on this article, it’s a good one!


Tulips are easily recognized flowers that grow from bulbs. They blossom on and around the month of April, and have a cup shape. The blossoms are found in a rainbow of colors including red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, or a combination of colors. Their meaning comes from the color of the blossoms, which means that purple tulips symbolize royalty, while cheerful thoughts are represented by the yellow tulip, while red ones represent love.


Hydrangeas consists of numerous star-shaped florets. The florets are gathered into a rounded or pom-pom shape. There are several differing meanings associated with the flower. One of these is that the flower symbolizes boastfulness. Another meaning associated with the flower is gratitude or heartfelt sincerity. There are numerous varieties of hydrangeas that affect the size and even color of the flowers, which range from green to blue, lavender and pink. The flowers bloom throughout the summer and into the fall months.


Sunflowers, bloom in the early fall, but may begin blooming in the late summer depending on location. They are aggressive growers that spread rapidly and have yellow flowers. Depending on the species, perennial flowers can grow as tall as 10 feet, such as the Maximilian sunflower. Perennial sunflowers are native to North America.


Of the seasonal flowers, poinsettia are one of the most recognizable. This flower, which is also referred to as the Christmas Star, is the December birth flower. Therefore, it symbolizes success and is thought to grant celebratory wishes. The plant begins to bloom around November and December, provided it receives natural light and cycles of darkness. The blooms of the plant are one of the reasons for its popularity as one of the top (seasonal flowers). Vibrant red is the most common color of its petals, however, pink, green, and even white poinsettias are also an option.

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