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2018 fall hair trends

Fall 2018 Hair Trends

Fall 2018 Hair Trends | Lady Luxe Life Fall 2018 Hair Trends! I stumbled across this article, and knew I had to write a blog.  I found this article in Instyle and have the...

Fhi Travel Iron

Fhi Travel Iron | Lady Luxe Life I love my Fhi Travel Iron!!  I want to have the perfect items when I’m traveling.  Perhaps, I’m a diva, but I think I have my perfect...


Ponytails | Lady Luxe life Ponytails are perfect for a workout and during the hot summer months, and wanted to share ways to make them fashionable. Luxy Hair wrote a great article on 7...
favorite hair brush

Favorite Hair Brush

Favorite Hair Brush | Lady Luxe life My favorite hair brush is a question which I get asked often, and it’s a quick answer for me!  I love the Moroccanoil Thermal Ionic Brush.  Here...

Favorite Hair Products

Hair Products may be on the list of every women’s top 5 list of important products, and it’s no different in mine.I’m constantly trying new ones, so come visit my blog for the latest.  ...

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