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lady sings the blues

Lady Sings the Blues | Lady Luxe life

Lady Sings the Blues is one of my all time favorite classic movies.  Since it’s Saturday, one of my favorite things to do is watch movies with my family.  I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched this movie, and I don’t get sick of it.

ImDb shares about the movie:

Born Elinore Harris, Billie Holiday had a difficult teen and young adulthood period, which included working in brothels, both as a cleaning woman and a prostitute, and being raped. Through this difficulty, she dreamed of becoming a jazz singer. Her initial singing break came when she applied at a Harlem club that was looking for a dancer. As Billie tried to advance her career, pressures of life, including being a black woman, led to her not so secret substance abuse (especially of heroin).  Written by Huggo

I even like the newer version, and I’m not the only one who loves it:

Roger Ebert says:

“My first reaction when I learned that Diana Ross had been cast to play Billie Holiday was a quick and simple one: I didn’t think she could do it. I knew she could sing, although not as well as Billie Holiday and certainly not in the same way, but I couldn’t imagine Diana Ross reaching the emotional highs and lows of one of the more extreme public lives of our time. But the movie was financed by Motown, and Diana Ross was Motown’s most cherished property, so maybe the casting made some kind of commercial sense. After all, Sal Mineo played Gene Krupa.”

I truly love watching movies, and I wrote a blog on the Grammys!  Check it out here.




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