How to Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors

How to Keep Your Dogs Entertained Indoors | Kayla Banks | Lady Luxe Life

How to Keep Your Dogs Entertained Indoors is vital for the month of December.  Whether we’re going to a holiday party, or it’s too cold outdoors, having a bored dog (or 2 dogs, in my case!) is not a good idea. I found this great blog, and thought I’d share a few of their ideas with you.

Find the Treats:

The blog states,

“Your dog’s sense of smell is incredibly stimulating for them, so let their nose do some work. Hide treats around your home and let them sniff them out throughout the day.

If you repeat this over several days, make sure to vary the placement of the treats to keep it interesting for your dog.”

My dogs even go crazy over their dental chews! So, it can even be a fun and healthy way to entertain.

Teach your dog the name of their toys:

“Teaching your dog the names of their toys is not as hard as it may sound. This can be a great activity, especially if you spoil your pup with lots of toys. Start by playing with one toy and give it a name while you do — tell your dog to fetch the specific toy by name and give lots of praise when they bring back the correct one. You can also use treats or a clicker while playing with the specific toy and reward your dog while saying the toy’s name.

Eventually, see if your dog can pick out the toy by name out of a pile of toys. Once they understand the name, try moving onto another toy and repeating the process.”

Dogs are pretty smart, and I think this one would be fun to see what happens!


Let them watch the world go by:

“Dogs love to sit by the window. If you can, set up a safe spot for your pup where they can see out of the window, and if you feel comfortable doing so, open the window a crack for them to enjoy the smells and sounds of the outdoors.”

Honestly, both of my dogs love to look out the window, but I didn’t even think of this as an activity.  Cracking open the door a bit is a great idea. It’s like riding in the car!

I found a few dog toys on ShopStyle Collective.  Could even be a fun holiday gift:



Do you love your dogs as much as I do?  I have a few blogs for you, including dog treats and tail ways of my dogs.



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