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Best Movie Marathons sounds like a perfect blog topic for this cold winter.  I know that other places in the nation have worse weather, but we have had a lot of days where it’s a little too cold to hang outside.  Plus, hanging inside and staying snuggly, sounds pretty divine, especially when my husband has been gone all week with traveling. When I saw this blog about “The 15 Best Movie Marathons I knew it would be a perfect thing to share with my readers!

Check out the top 3 from this article:


Here’s what they say about X-Men in the article: “Before Marvel movies became the MCU, the X-Men franchise reigned supreme. With 13 movies currently in the timeline, and Deadpool 3 arriving sometime in the future, you can never go wrong with a good X-Men marathon. The chronological order of the franchise gets a bit wonky when you start factoring in time jumps and the Deadpool movies, but you can also just follow the Wolverine timeline for a shorter binge.

If you remove the Deadpool movies from the list, you can watch all of the X-Men movies in just over 22 hours. Though you’ll likely want to include Deadpool, because it’s Deadpool.”

My husband even likes adventure, so this is a good series to watch with your man.  I know he’ll chime along with anything I want, but I would definitely much prefer him liking it too. Hahahaha.

James Bond

“James Bond is one of the longest running movie franchises in existence. Because of this, there are a total of 26 movies played by 7 different James Bond actors. Allthough you can certainly try to watch every James Bond movie in order of release, it would be easier to pick a single Bond and watch all of the movies from that era. For the sake of this article, we’d suggest just marathoning the Daniel Craig Bond movies to start with.

If you did want to watch all 26 Bond films in a row, it would take you over 54 hours to do so. If you decide on a Daniel Craig Bond marathon, then you’re looking at a more reasonable 7 hours and 40 minutes.”

Okay, so my husband might not like it as much as I do, but at least it’s better than some other movies he would need to sit through!

Hunger Game Movies

“Now that the The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes has arrived in theaters, it’s a great time to go back and watch every Hunger Games movie in order. The latest film is a prequel, so once you’ve watched it, you can move on to the next films in the franchise without jumping around the timeline.

If you’re hoping to watch all 5 Hunger Games films in one weekend, you’re looking at just over 11 and a half hours of total runtimes. The new prequel is the longest film in the series coming in at 2 hours and 38 minutes alone.”

Out of all the movie marathons, this one is the most different.  It is not a typical superhero movie, or franchised movie, but so good. I even think the books could be interesting.

If you end up watching any of these, tag me on social media!  I would love to know what you watched.  And check out the article for the other 12 nominations.

How about some popcorn while watching the movies?:



Along with the popcorn, how about some Pizza?  That is my husband and I’s favorite date night.  Check out my blog here.


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