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Dry January

Dry January |  Lady Luxe Life Dry January sounds like a great idea after the holidays, but is it really worth it?  I mean, I like drinking my glasses of wine every now and...

Healthy during the Holidays

Healthy during the Holidays|  Lady Luxe Life Healthy during the Holidays is something I try to improve on year after year, and I wanted to go ahead and blog about this topic!  I am...
Why should we exercise by kayla banks with lady luxe life in austin tx

Why Should We Exercise?

Why Should We Exercise |  Lady Luxe Life: Why Should We Exercise?  I thought this would be a great blog for today since it’s National Women’s Health and Fitness Day! My husband is in...
Meal planning

Meal Planning

Meal Planning|  Lady Luxe Life Meal Planning is my blog for today! We just hit our first 100 degree day here in Austin, and Meal Planning is a good topic for the day, so...
south beach diet

South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet | Lady Luxe Life The South Beach Diet is one of my all time favorite diet plans.  I was pre-diabetic, and knew I needed to change.  Once I implemented this diet...

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