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Why do Dogs wag their tails? | Lady Luxe Life

Tail Wag.  Why do dogs wag their tails?  What does it mean? If you know me at all…you know I’m in love with my dogs.  If I could..I would probably post pictures of my dog every day.  I truly love and adore them. I’m constantly trying to stay updated on the best dog food, treats and training (I’ll write blogs soon!) I actually wanted to find out why they wag their tails.

Cesar Milan is my favorite.  I could watch his show daily.  Here’s what he has to say about tail wagging in his article:

“All animals communicate with energy and body language, and it’s easy to tell just from body language whether they’re fearful or aggressive. But, beyond body language, for many animals there are three important body parts with which they communicate.

Animals’ primary methods of communicating are through eye contact, their ear position, and their tails.

When an animal is being defensive or aggressive, it will make eye contact to tell whatever it’s facing to back off. When an animal is alert to danger, its ears will stand straight up. But the most important thing to watch is the tail.

“Hey, I’m happy. You’re the boss. It’s all good.” But if the tail is wagging to the left, and especially if it’s at or higher than its normal position, then the dog is saying, “Bring it. I’m in charge here.””

I’m happy to report…my dogs tails wag to the left!! How about yours? Want to ask more questions, contact me here.


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