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Dressing up Active Wear | Lady Luxe life

Dressing up Active Wear might be one of my favorite blog topics, because it is something I need weekly.  I love to go to group classes throughout the week, and often times will find myself running to appointments or getting errands done before I have a chance to head back home.  Can anyone else relate?  I found a great blog on Vogue with some great ideas.


I put my Top 3 below:

Keep up with seasonal trends.

The Vogue issue stated: “Until about a year ago, fitness did not have trends. It used to be all black; now it’s seasonal,” says Amanda Freeman, owner of the cult SLT studio. “Mesh panels were big, now not so much . . . now it’s bigger placement patterns and color-blocking.” SweatStyle will deliver a curated selection of the latest premium activewear pieces to you every three months.”

What a great idea! As I usually catch myself wearing the same color and to add a trend to the outfit, is a great idea!

Invest in good pieces: 

“First and foremost, it’s got to be clothing made using performance fabrics so it’s not see-through when you bend forward, you can’t see cellulite through it, and you’re not going to get a muffin top,” says Australia-based Vie Active designer Noa Ries. “The key is that the workout apparel is made from performance fabric, so it’s quick drying, it’s odor resistant, it’s moisture wicking.” Jessica Alba and Alessandra Ambrosio are fans of the brand’s compression tights.”

Investing in good pieces is a great tip for any part of your wardrobe.  When you hear words like muffin top and odor resistant, this is even more reason to spend a little more money on your workout clothes.  Plus, it is something that many of us do on a daily basis, so we want them to last too!

Accessorize Appropriately:

““It only takes one piece to take your athleisure look from gym to street,” says Los Angeles­­–based stylist Rob Zangardi, who works with Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani. “A pair of mirrored sunglasses, a structured leather jacket, a shirt tied around the waist . . . the key is that the piece has a sleek, sporty feel itself. Don’t add a vintage fringed jacket to your Lululemon Wunder Unders or cat-eye sunnies to your zip-up Nike jacket.”

Another great piece of advice for any outfit, but it would look extra tacky if we didn’t heed to this suggestion for a workout outfit.  One of my favorite accessories is my iphone watch, and I wrote a whole blog here! Just this one piece of jewelry dresses up my entire look.

Are you excited about taking your workout outfit to the next level? Check out a few selections on ShopStyle:


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