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hair masks
hair masks

Benefit of Hair Masks | Lady Luxe life

The Benefits of Hair Masks is even more prominent after a hot, brutal summer…which is still going on here in Texas in Mid-September! Loxa Beauty has a great article with the 4 reasons why masks are important.  I’ve got a snapshot below and you can read the full article here.


Drying your hair with a dryer, using a lot of products and going through a super dry or hot summer are just 3 reasons why our hair could use a recovery mode.

” In a matter of minutes a mask will have you well on your way to restoring your hair’s optimum health.”


I can definitely tell after a long flight, my hair loses a lot of its hydration.

“Masks contain vital nutrients that get right to the shaft to bring hair back to life.”


It’s amazing how much of a difference a nice shine can do to hair.  You will look refreshed if your hair is in tip top shape!

“Try an indulgent mask with protecting conditioning agents to leave hair incredibly shiny and soft.”


Even just a simple hair color 3 times a year can damage your hair, or using a hair dryer weekly.

“Using a hair mask at least once a week goes a long way in helping to retain hair color, improve texture, elasticity and overall appearance. ”

I’ve found a couple great hair masks on Shop Collective, check it out!

I’m a big fan of other hair products, and I’ve written a blog about my favorite ones on the market.  Check it out here!




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