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The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner is a must in every household!  If you know me, or have been reading my blog, you know I like to invest in nice things like shoes and handbags.  Although, investing in the household items isn’t on the top of my list, the Dyson Vacuum is on it!

I am blessed to have someone who helps me out weekly with my cleaning, as I don’t have time.  But there are plenty of situations where I’ll need to clean up before she visits.  Whether it’s a spill when I’m cooking, (or more like when Alex is cooking, ha!), or when we have guests come and visit, or to clean up dog hair, I need a good vacuum.  I’m not patient when it comes to cleaning, so I want something fast and a vacuum which gets the job done.

Here are a few reasons why I love the Dyson:


I know I have a good warranty, therefore, I don’t worry about how much I’m using it or how sturdy of a job I put the vacuum through.

Powerful Suction:

When you vacuum, you don’t want to go over the same spot over and over.  Especially when it comes to dog hair on the couch or rug, 1 swipe with the vacuum is all it takes!

Lasting Power:

When I unplug the Dyson and start vacuuming, I don’t want it to run out of life.  It stays on with powerful suction for up to 30-40 minutes!


I love all the different tools which comes with the Dyson, so I can get into small corners, under the couch or wide spaces.

I have a few examples I found on Shop style! Click below to shop:

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I Love my Dyson!

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