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As we start of a new year, trying to adjust our lives to make them more manageable is a hot topic!  One of the ways we can de-stress our lives is by organizing our schedules better.

I’m not sure if this works for everyone, but this works for me, and I wanted to share it!  I’m a business girl, so I like to read Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur every now and then.  (Although, trust me…my favorites will still always be fashion!! *wink*

Fortune had an excellent article, and it’s pretty similar to what I try to do too!


Plan your Days:  The Fortune article mentioned ” “At the start of the day, before you start working, you simply step back from your work and ask yourself: by the time the day is done, what three main things will I want to have accomplished?”

I also like to have specific days every week, where 1 day is dedicated to Alex’s work, 1 for my blog, and 1 for my daughter, etc. It helps keep me focused, which is the #2 point.


Manage Disctractions:  It’s so hard when there are bells, whistles, lights and notifications popping up on our phones.  Social media can be a black hole where hours are wasted without even realizing it.  So, I like to put my phone aside, and plan when I’m on social media with intention.  Since I’m a blogger, it makes it even harder!


Conserving time :  One tip they gave in this article which I thought was excellent.  Take 5 minutes every Friday, and look at your scheudle for the week, and cancel anything which is not productive.  It’s amazing how fast you’ll gain back your time!

I’m a huge fan of keeping things simple.  Check out my tips for throwing a Stress-free Dinner Party here!

I Love being Stress Free!


My favorite thing about writing this blog, is to share my passion

for Fashion, Beauty and Style.

I hope you enjoy!!

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