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Nightly Retinol Routine | Lady Luxe Life

A Nightly Retinol Routine is an important part of taking care of your skin, and your overall health. Retinol is one of those buzz words heard when talking about skincare, but why is it so important?

Huffington Post had a great article recently, and they said ‘if you ask a dermatologist for her No. 1 skin-care recommendation, you’ll hear something along the lines of: “Wear SPF! Seriously! What’s it going to take to get you people to put it on?!” So we asked our experts for their second most important piece of advice, and every one of them said the same thing: “Use retinoids.” These vitamin A derivatives have been proven to boost collagen production, speed cell turnover (evening out discoloration and brightening skin tone) and unclog pores (making them look smaller and reducing acne). “I can always tell when a woman uses these. She’ll have that dewy, fresh-faced look—like she just had a facial,” says Emmy Graber, MD, a dermatologist and assistant professor of dermatology at the Boston University School of Medicine.’

Washing our teeth is an important daily routine, and using retinol at night would be right there in the important tasks of the day!  There are many different ones on the market, but having a prescription is key to getting a good one and will make a difference for the skin.  If not, checking to ensure Retinol is the active ingredient is important.

Most dermatologists will also recommend to start with a lower strength, and gradually build up, or use every 3-4 days before using it daily.  If any redness appears, simply back off.  In the long run, skin will look fresh! and keep it looking young for years to come.

If you’re looking for some great products to start incorporating into your routine, check out these products!


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