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Calpak Luggage is my favorite brand of luggage and one of the best for traveling.

They’re actually fashionable! plus they fit under the seat.  Some of the things I love about my Calpak:

  • Lightweight if I need to lift it overhead myself
  • Durable with a hard shell
  • Sleek
  • Multi directional wheels
  • Zipper dividers makes it easy to organize
  • Expansion sleeves if  I need to pack extra.
  • TSA lock included.
  • The pull handle adjusts easy
  • Top and Side Carry Handles depending on how I need to grab

You can buy it from Macys and a few other stores, but I bought mine at Nordstroms.  The price is reasonable between $100-200.  Hashtag me on your photos if you decide to buy one!!

Have fun!

I Love my CalPak!


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[…] Calpak Luggage […]

[…] Calpak Luggage […]

[…] Calpak Luggage […]

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