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How to Wear Graphic Tees | Lady Luxe life

Graphic Tees is a great transition piece into fall!

Who What Wear has a great article with pictures on how to make this happen.

I made a small list of my favorites:

Leather Jacket:

Throw on a graphic tee, with a leather jacket and pleated skirt and it’s an instant feminine cute fall outfit!  They show it with sheer socks and high heels, which I don’t think I could pull off…but it’s a fun idea.

Bomber Jacket + Sneakers:

A super comfortable and laid back idea ,which works great in Austin.  They have it paired with jeans, but I think jean shorts would be cute as we are still hot here in Texas.

Wide Leg Pants:

I really like this look!  I think women can look juvenile if they’re not careful, and this one looks mature, yet fun.  Don’t you?

You should check out the rest of the ideas in this article, and check out the fun tees I found on ShopStyle!


and if you’re looking for more Fall Transitional Pieces, check out my blog here!



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