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Dry January sounds like a great idea after the holidays, but is it really worth it?  I mean, I like drinking my glasses of wine every now and then, and a whole 30 days without a glass with loved ones sounds like a challenge.  So, being healthy is important to me, and so I decided to do some research to find out the benefits.  The article from Cleveland Clinic was one of the best ones I read, and I’ve included som ekey points below:

“Your liver, heart and skin will all thank you for the break from alcohol”

This was the very first statement on their website in regards to Dry January.  Okay Cleveland Clinic, you have our attention.  Go ahead.

Your energy levels will increase

Energy changing with any new diet is something I have noticed when I am detoxing with sugar, caffeine, or anything. Haven’t you?  This is what they state in the article, “No matter how on top of the world you feel while you’re up on stage doing drunk karaoke, the reality is that alcohol is a depressant. The first few days without alcohol may feel more exhausting than ever, but within a few days, your energy levels should start to rise.”

It gives your liver some breathing room

“When people stop drinking, even if it’s for just a month, this alcohol-induced inflammation has the chance to improve,” Dr. Wakim-Fleming explains. “It’s like you’re giving that wound a little bit of time to heal itself. It may not heal all of the way back if you’ve been drinking a lot before and your liver has been severely damaged by alcohol. But it will still help.”

Inflammation is one of the leading causes of so many different ailments, so this one makes a lot of sense to me.  Who doesn’t want or need a little break of inflammation?

Your skin will be clearer

This blog states, “Don’t be fooled by the fact that alcohol is a liquid — that doesn’t mean it’s hydrating you! In fact, alcohol contributes to dehydration, which plays a role in the way your skin looks. When you stop drinking, you’ll likely start to experience smoother skin and less facial puffiness and bloating.”

Wow. I work so hard to keep my face looking more clear, and this one is a motivator to have a Dry January!

You’ll consume fewer calories

“Depending on how much you typically drink, doing a Dry January can mean consuming far fewer calories than you’re used to. The number of calories in three beers can be the equivalent of a full meal.”

Well, this is the one that gets me. Trust me. Counting calories and keeping them down is a big one for me.  I work really hard to keep my figure, and by having a dry January, this is a good motivator.

A good motivator for me to stay dry, is the money I’ll save too!  So, I decided my gift to myself could be a pair of shoes.  Here are are a couple cute ones for January:





Being healthy is a top priority for me, and have written many blog throughout the years including South Beach Diet and Intermittent Fasting Diet, 


I Love staying Healthy!


My favorite thing about writing this blog, is to share my passion

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I hope you enjoy!!


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