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Eyebrows seem to be on everyone’s radar on fashion trends.  I think they’re like the leg warmers and padded shoulders in the 80s. Vogues did a great article on the importance of eyebrows, which I wanted to share with you.  Especially as I age, I need these!


Eyebrows can help you look rested.  Trust me, during the start of school starting up, my life becomes crazy again and I need to look rested.


Eyebrows are one of the fastest ways to look modern and updated in your look.  Especially now when there is such a focus on the eyebrow! Wide and bushy is the look today, so this would immediately update your makeup and style.


This one definitely made me realize I want to stay on top of getting my eyebrows done.  Who wants to spend thousands on an eye lift when a simple eye brow shape can do the trick!


The eyebrow can instantly soften facial features, which I think is even more important for a woman.


Facials and exfoliating are a great way to achieve having a brighter face, but eyebrows can do the same! Eyebrows bring out your eyes which is an instant brightener.

Are you inspired to do your eyebrows? Here are a few great products I found based on the suggestions!


One of my favorite blogs is about Eyelash Extensions.  Read it here!




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