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Bats in Austin are a tourist attraction.  It sounds surprising but it is true!  In downtown Austin, there is the largest urban bat colony in the world, and you can witness them leaving at night and arriving in the morning.  It is quite a scene, and the end of March is when it starts. Visit Austin has an entire blog about this memorable experience, and I thought I would share a few of the tips on how to watch.

Statesman Bat Observation Center:

The Statesman Bat Observation Center is directly under the Congress Avenue bridge. Visit Austin states:

“From late spring until early fall, get ready for the sunset show by heading towards the grassy hill vantage point of the Statesman Bat Observation Center, adjacent to the bridge. Paid parking is available at the Austin American-Statesman, 305 S. Congress Ave., or you can go down the steps at the corner of Congress Avenue and Barton Springs Road. Bring a blanket, some chairs and sit back and relax.”

Lady Bird Lake:

Another great tip from Visit Austin:

“You can get an incredible view of the bats from the water with Lone Star Riverboat or Capital Cruises, which put you right in the middle of the action on Lady Bird Lake. Or, ply the waters yourself with Live Love Paddle or Austin Kayak Tours, which both offer nighttime bat-watching kayak excursions.”

Downtown Hotels:

My personal favorite are the downtown hotel options.  There are plenty of hotels which offer a great view, but the Four Seasons and Line Hotel are the closest with the best option for making it a luxury experience.

At the Four Seasons, they have a restaurant, bar, pool and lawn which all overlook the Congress Bridge where the bats come in and leave.  And the Line Hotel also has a pool and restaurant which overlooks the bridge, but the best option is their P6 Bar which brings you high above the tree line for the best views of the bats.

It does not sound like a first option when you come to visit Austin, but once you see it, you will know why people travel thousands of miles to see this sight!

I love Austin, and have plenty of blogs which cover my favorites including the nearby  Austin Capital Tour!



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