Recycling Pumpkins

Recycling Pumpkins | Kayla Banks | Lady Luxe Life

Recycling Pumpkins is a great topic for today as everyone is become more aware of waste, and there are so many clever, fun ways to recycle.  I love putting on pumpkins during the season, so I was happy to see an entire blog covering clever ways to recycle. They have 6 different ways, but this one is my favorite!

Feed the Birds

“Attract feathered friends to your yard by turning your Halloween pumpkin into a bird feeder. Just cut a pumpkin in half horizontally, empty the cavity, and fill it with birdseed. Either leave it out, as is, or hang it from a tree with several lengths of thick twine or rope wrapped under the base.”

Isn’t this a cool idea?  And we have a lot of birds in our backyard, so this is a clever use.  I even found some good bird seed to be able to place in the pumpkin on ShopStyle Collective:


Are you inspired to do more? I wrote a whole blog on Ways to Make a Difference!



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