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Back to School for all moms is bittersweet.  There are so many emotions, and I have gone through them all, and wanted to share with all of you.  There are the two hardest events, which is sending your first kid to kindergarten, then college.  I remember those days clearly.  I found a great article on How Parents can survive the stress.

Here are the points they made:

Make time to be alone—and have an ugly cry:

Reading this sentence just sounds good, right?  Please allow yourselves as a mom to let it all out.  Especially when it comes to kids going back to school!  This is probably good advice for all of us, in any tough situation.

Turn your anxiety into excitement:

“So you’re worried about how your child will fit in. If they’ll make friends. If they’ll be bullied. There are all sorts of thoughts racing through your mind, and guess what? They’re 100 percent normal, explains Adam Pletter, Psy.D, child psychologist. He suggests leaning into the anxieties, instead of fighting them, but with a helpful twist: turn the worries into excitement. “There is growing research that feeling excitement activates the part of the brain that helps the individual problem solve, which helps the parent and child cope. Accepting the nervousness as normal and then shifting to feeling excited about aspects of the changing role as parent will help everyone involved cope more effectively and that is the goal: coping with the change and feeling in control as much as possible,” he explains. If nothing else helps, these phrases will instantly calm your nerves.”

Our kids going back to school can cause a lot of worry, and hopefully this is great advice to turn it into a positive.

Be your child’s rock—and remember he (will always) need you:

“So while expressing your emotions is a healthy habit, Dr. O’Leary reminds parents how essential it is to remain your child’s rock throughout the transition to kindergarten. Because your child depends on you to be his steady, guiding force of love and encouragement, openly weeping in front of him may ignite fears surrounding school. “A quick, sentimental, smiling tear may slip out on the first day, but remember it’s important to send your child the message of, ‘You’ve got this!’ Focusing on supporting your child in this way allows you to highlight your son or daughter’s strengths, which will leave you feeling a bit more optimistic and less stressed,” she says. One sweet, memorable and helpful way to shift the conversation positively is to talk to your child about going to school. Dr. O’Leary suggests having an open conversation about what they hope their year of school will be like and guiding them through notes or drawings. “You may be pleasantly surprised by your child’s goals and aspirations! Use this as a source of inspiration for you and your child,” she adds.”

I love the statement that “Once a mom, always a mom.” It’s true!  My mom still takes care of me, and same with her mom, etc.

Try to stay Busy:

Book a lunch, spa, pilates, whatever is self care for you.  It’s not good for us to be idle, especially when we’re going through a time of mourning like this one.

If you want some good spa ideas for DIY at home, here is a few curated items for you:


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