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Perfume is one of the best accessories we can wear as a woman.  2 of my favorites are Chanel No 5, and also Mon Guerlain, which you may not have even heard. Here is what I found on their website about their product.  Honestly, I did not even know all of these facts, and I love them even more now! I hope you will enjoy learning about them too.


“Mon Guerlain is a fragrant manifesto of today’s femininity. A multi-faceted woman: strong, free and sensual. Daring and modern perfume compositions based on exceptional raw ingredients.”



“Mon Guerlain: an authentic concentration of emotion and know-how; bold and modern fragrance compositions based on four exceptional raw ingredients: lavender, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood.”


They have the most amazing sets of perfume which makes a perfect holiday gift!


You can purchase direct from their website, or most department stores like Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, and can also buy from me below!

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I Love Perfume!


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