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Why are Cruise Vacations a good way to spend your holiday?  My family and I are completely sold on this way of traveling, and I love the article 7 Reasons why you should go on a Cruise sometime in  your life.  We are leaving today on another cruise, so it brings up all my favorite reasons.

Here are the reasons they mention on


We know this is true!  Depending on when you go, and how far out you book, you can really get a great deal.  We like to book our next cruise before we even get off the current one.  It keeps us motivated to go back to long, hard working days.


It’s nice to go on vacation, and not worry about how much you’re spending on food and drinks and activities.  As soon as you step onto the ship, you can just enjoy!


There is definitely no worries about your transportation, where you’ll eat next, or make sure you stay on an agenda.  Vacationers literally “go with the flow” and let the cruise take you to the next spot, while everyone is cooking, cleaning and taking care of you!


I’m not sure I would list this as a positive all the time!  It’s hard to not gain 10 lbs while you have food 24/7!


We have met so many different people from every where in the world, from all walks of life.


It’s actually nice that cellphones don’t work on the cruise.  You can actually unplug.  They have wi-fi…but you can choose when you want to get online.


There is no doubt, a cruise is one of the neatest ways to see different parts of the world.  There is no way we could see as much if we were to do it on our own.  While you sleep, the cruise is taking you to a new location!  It might be my favorite part of taking a cruise.

Are you thinking you want to go on your own cruise? Here’s an entire blog about How to Choose the Right Cruise! I also couldn’t resist posting a few cute things for your cruise from ShopStyle:

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