Day of Respect of Cultural Diversity

Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity | Lady Luxe Life

Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity is October 12th and started in Argentina.  I found this article on the National Today website, and here is what they stated about the origins and the reason why we celebrate:


“Throughout history, the name change and departure from the traditional date reflect on how indigenous communities have shone a light on a different, sometimes overseen, angle of the colonial history of the Americas. The anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival was known as “Día de la Raza” (Day of the Race) in Central and South America, commemorating the first encounters between Europeans and Native Americans. As of right now, many countries have changed the name to include the original communities and celebrate the diversity within.”


“Columbus initially set foot in the Americas on October 12, 1492. While attempting to find a sea route to India, he arrived at San Salvador Island in the Bahamas. His transatlantic voyages sparked European exploration and colonization of many territories. Still, he was not the first European explorer to access the Americas, with undisputed evidence of Norsemen reaching the North American mainland centuries before.

Argentina observed the day for the first time in 1917, whereas Chile did in 1922, Colombia and Venezuela in 1921, and Mexico in 1928, although the very first instance of this day has been traced back to 1914 when Spanish minister Faustino Rodríguez-San Pedro created the “Feast of the Race.” This idea is now seen as misguided and disrespectful towards indigenous communities, which is what inspired the name change. Thus, the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity lives on.”


How can we celebrate this in our lives? If you look at my group of friends, I love to embrace different cultures.  I have friends from every walk of life, religion and many different cultures.  In my own close circle, one of my best friends is Vietnamese, another is Hispanic, and White.  When we get together, we embrace our differences, and I love to ask questions about their upbringing. It is interesting, and thought provoking, and all of us enjoy sharing. I really hope someday, we can all be kind to one another and enjoy finding out new ways of doing things. And if it’s different than yours, to be open, not judgmental.  Perhaps, today can be the first of many where we celebrate and respect cultural diversity.

I am also a huge fan of Beyonce, have you seen my blog on her?  Check it out here.




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