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hair masks

Benefits of Hair Masks

Benefit of Hair Masks | Lady Luxe life The Benefits of Hair Masks is even more prominent after a hot, brutal summer…which is still going on here in Texas in Mid-September! Loxa Beauty has...
2018 spring trends

Spring Trends 2018

Spring Trends 2018 | Lady Luxe life Spring is here and this blog is dedicated to the 2018 Spring Trends.  I really like Elle Magazine and the way they map out the season’s trend. ...
importance of a hair dryer

Importance of Hair Dryers

Importance of Hair Dryers | Lady Luxe life Importance of Hair Dryers and what to look for is key when I talk to people about tips of having good hair.  Maximum FX Salons has...
animal prints

How to wear Animal Prints

How to wear animal prints | Lady Luxe life How to wear animal prints is a question I’ve gotten a few times from friends, so I decided to go ahead and write a blog. ...
Grammys 2018


Grammys | Lady Luxe life Grammys. Golden Globes.  This is a fun season full of award shows and lots of beautiful fashion. I couldn’t stop perusing all of the gorgeous fashion on E!  Check...
golden globes 2018

Golden Globes

Golden Globe Awards | Lady Luxe life I’m still obsessing with looking at all the dresses from the Golden Globes.  I loved everyone in black, and loved the different styles. It was fun perusing...
winter facials

Winter Facials

Winter Facials | Lady Luxe Life: Winter Facials become a necessity with the dry weather in Texas, and I love to find new ways to take care of my skin. Be Well, Health &...
jewelry dos and donts

Jewelry Dos and Donts

Jewelry Dos and Donts | Lady Luxe life Jewelry Dos and Donts is an important topic for any diva. It’s Holiday Season, and I love to dress up and attend as many parties as...


Casetify Iphone Cases | Lady Luxe life Casetify Iphone Case is one of my favorite fashion accessories!  There are fashionable, but they are also durable. First of all, they state on their website: “Functionality...
winter wraps

Winter Wraps

Wraps and elegant ways to keep warm | Lady Luxe life Winter Wraps is one of my favorite fashion accessories. I truly love this time of year, and one of my favorite things is...

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