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manicure benefits

Manicure Benefits

Manicure Benefits| Lady Luxe life Manicure Benefits for men and women are endless, and it’s also a good blog topic to justify my necessity to get mine done every other week!  Am I alone?...
fall nail trends

Fall Nail Trends 2018

Fall Nail Trends 2018 | Lady Luxe life Fall Nails Trends are on point this year, and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Elle Magazine is my go to place for knowing...
Summer nail trends

Summer Nail Trends 2018

Summer Nail Trends 2018 | Lady Luxe life Summer Nails Trends this year are simply fabulous! It’s no secret, I love nail trends.  In fact, I wrote a blog about the Spring Nail Trends, and I...
spring nail color trends

Spring Nail Trends 2018

Spring Nail Trends 2018 | Lady Luxe life I love getting my nails done, and I’m all about the Spring Nail Trends this year.  I really like Elle Magazine, and wrote a blog about...

Shellac vs Dip

Shellac vs Dip Manicures: Manicures are one of my favorite topics to blog about, because it’s one of my most important ways to stay stylish.  I like to keep up with the trends, so when...

Fall Nail Colors

Manicures are an obsession of mine and keeping up with the latest trends is fun.  My favorite go to color is red, but for the fall…I like to add purple, and beige. One of my...

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