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Making Your Bed

Making Your Bed

Importance of Making Your Bed | Lady Luxe Life Making your Bed on a daily basis is one of the first chores we received when we were kids.  Can you hear your own mom...
fall flowers

Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers | Lady Luxe Life Fall Flowers are some of my favorites in the season spectrum.  I wrote a whole blog about the different seasonal flowers, and wanted to share a few of...
home office

Home Office

Setting up a Home Office | Lady Luxe life My home office is where I spend a lot of time. Whether it’s for me, or for Alex, my husband, I seem to have a...
seasonal flowers

Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal Flowers | Lady Luxe Life Seasonal flowers are one of my favorite ways to keep my house looking fresh and cozy at all times.  My favorite is Austin Flower Company but many times, I’ll...

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