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breast cancer awareness

Breast Care Awareness

Breast Care Awareness |  Lady Luxe Life: It’s Breast Care Awareness Month and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of pink everywhere!  My husband is in the medical field, so he sees the...
Why should we exercise by kayla banks with lady luxe life in austin tx

Why Should We Exercise?

Why Should We Exercise |  Lady Luxe Life: Why Should We Exercise?  I thought this would be a great blog for today since it’s National Women’s Health and Fitness Day! My husband is in...
how to stay in shape during vacation

How to Stay in Shape during Vacation

How to Stay in Shape During Vacation |  Lady Luxe Life: How to stay in shape during vacation could ruin a holiday, so I like to share a few thoughts, so this doesn’t happen!...
spring diet

Spring Diet

Sprint Diet after the Winter Gain | Lady Luxe Life A Spring Diet is a must for me this year after a long, cold winter. How about you?  I read this article by Harper’s...

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