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Perfect Summer Hats

Perfect Summer Hats | Kayla Banks | Lady Luxe life Perfect Summer Hats is a great blog for Memorial Day weekend, don’t you think?  They are great for protecting against skin cancer, but they...
Trendy Summer Hats

Trendy Summer Hats

Trendy Summer Hats | Kayla Banks | Lady Luxe life Trendy Summer Hats are becoming a big thing because of the awareness of skin cancer, but it’s also an easy go to for vacation...
whats in your beach bag

What’s in Your Beach Bag?

What’s in your Beach Bag | Lady Luxe life What’s in your Beach Bag? I found a fellow blogger who came up with necessities, which I think are perfect.  What do you think? TOTE:...
beach shoes

Beach Shoes

Beach Shoes | Lady Luxe life Beach Shoes are it’s own genre of wardrobe.  I wrote a blog about flip flops which are my favorite shoe necessity in the summer, but many of them...

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