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fall nail trends

Fall Nail Trends 2018

Fall Nail Trends 2018 | Lady Luxe life Fall Nails Trends are on point this year, and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Elle Magazine is my go to place for knowing...
anti aging peels

Anti Aging Peels

Anti Aging Peels | Lady Luxe Life: I’m a huge fan of Dr Dennis Gross’ Anti Aging Peels and use once a week. Below are a few of the benefits: COMBATS UNEVEN SKIN TONE:...


Eyebrows | Kayla Banks with Lady Luxe Life Eyebrows seem to be on everyone’s radar on fashion trends.  I think they’re like the leg warmers and padded shoulders in the 80s. Vogues did a...
summer makeup tips

Summer Makeup Tips

Summer Makeup Tips | Kayla Banks with Lady Luxe Life Summer Makeup Tips are vital if you live in Austin.  We have nonstop hot weather, which is unforgiving.  I loved this article by Allure...


Ponytails | Lady Luxe life Ponytails are perfect for a workout and during the hot summer months, and wanted to share ways to make them fashionable. Luxy Hair wrote a great article on 7...
Summer nail trends

Summer Nail Trends 2018

Summer Nail Trends 2018 | Lady Luxe life Summer Nails Trends this year are simply fabulous! It’s no secret, I love nail trends.  In fact, I wrote a blog about the Spring Nail Trends, and I...
Makeup with Sunscreen

Makeup with Sunscreen

Makeup with Sunscreen | Lady Luxe Life: Makeup with Sunscreen is important for everyone on a daily basis, but here in Texas, it’s definitely a necessity! We just hit 100 degrees this week, and...
favorite hair brush

Favorite Hair Brush

Favorite Hair Brush | Lady Luxe life My favorite hair brush is a question which I get asked often, and it’s a quick answer for me!  I love the Moroccanoil Thermal Ionic Brush.  Here...
spring nail color trends

Spring Nail Trends 2018

Spring Nail Trends 2018 | Lady Luxe life I love getting my nails done, and I’m all about the Spring Nail Trends this year.  I really like Elle Magazine, and wrote a blog about...

Makeup Primer

Makeup Primer | Lady Luxe Life: Makeup Primer is one of those secrets you learn which is a game changer for beauty. According to Huffington Post, these are some good reasons to use makeup...

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