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Fairlife CorePower Protein Shakes have been a great supplement to my diet for years.  It’s a great, fast, and easy lunch replacement, and also a great provider of protein.


Their website states their mission:

“Proper nourishment allows us all to grow and thrive. At fairlife, we provide the health and vitality people need by starting with the wholesome simplicity of real cow’s milk.

And we do it with the belief that we can always make the world better.”


Their website does a great job of providing the important of protein, and why we need it.

“Protein does a lot for our body and has many benefits. Its function is to repair, rebuild and maintain lean muscle and body tissue, and help make new cells. We need protein, and that’s why it’s super important to get enough of it.

Protein is made up of building blocks called amino acids. Our body needs 21 different amino acids, but only makes 12. So we need to give our body the other 9. Those 9 are called “essential amino acids.””


I’ve tasted a lot of different shakes, and this one is definitely the best.  It has everything you want in a protein shake with 26 grams of protein, only 5-7 grams of sugar and electrolytes from the milk itself.  Plus, it’s delicious! You can buy it almost anywhere, including Randalls, HEB, Target and Walgreens.

Are you looking for more healthy tips?  Check out my blog about the South Beach Diet and Intermittent Fasting Diet.

I Love CorePower!


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