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Trendy Sundresses | Kayla Banks | Lady Luxe life

Trendy Sundresses is one of my favorite topics when it is super hot in Texas, and Oprah had a great article on different dresses from wedding to a picnic!

The Tiered Eyelet Dress:

Eyelet dresses are so popular and I love them!  They are usually in white, and they look so fresh.  The eyelet allows a little air when the wind blows, and that is perfect.  I also think it makes it look really feminine. And you know I love all things girly!

V Neck Linen Dress:

Linen is one of the best materials to wear in this Texas heat.  It truly breathes and keeps you cool.  I am a huge fan. And I love the V neck on anything!

Halter Top Midi Dress: 

Halter Tops are the most flattering and I love them in a dress.  I work hard in pilates to keep my arms strong, so these show off my shoulders.

Check out some of the cute ones I found on ShopStyle!!


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I Love my Sundresses!

My favorite thing about writing this blog,

is to share my passion

for Fashion, Beauty and Style.

I hope you enjoy!!


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