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Monthly Roses Subscription has been one of my favorite self care gifts to myself for a long time.  Tomorrow is National Red Rose Day…and if you have read my blogs for long, or have known me for awhile, red roses are some of my favorite things in life! is the company I use, and I highly recommend them!

Here is the story about them from their website:

“Rose Farmers™ is committed to providing luxury roses for every special occasion. Our collection, which we curate alongside the world’s most renowned rose farmers, includes unique and beautiful roses that won’t be found anywhere else in the world. Throughout the season, we work closely with our partners to develop new and innovative varieties that will consistently meet and exceed our standards of elegance and beauty. We are always growing, expanding, and learning from one another’s expertise and insight.

Our process begins on countless acres of rich farmland, where our rose-growing experts and breeders carefully study thousands of varieties of roses each year. We are committed to offering the most exquisite assortment of luxury roses, all featuring unique and beautiful characteristics. As such, only the finest contenders are picked and delivered to our clients.  Our impeccable collection sets the standard for specially-curated luxury roses across the industry.”

Below are a few of their options:

24 Roses:

Firstly, 24 Roses is an offering, and 2 dozen roses is a lot! They are long stemmed roses, delivered straight to your door.

48 Roses:

Secondly, 48 Roses are definitely a wow factor…or spread them out across your home.

Every 2 weeks or every month: 

Thirdly, You can choose to have them sent every 2 weeks or every month.  I chose monthly, as they do last a long time.


Lastly, along with the roses, you can add Baby’s Breath and or Mixed Lilies.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this company.  For instance, their quality and service is amazing.  Plus, who doesn’t love fresh flowers delivered straight to your door?

Also, do you want a neat way to display your roses, check out my favorite picks:

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