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ER For Kids in Austin |  Lady Luxe Life:

It was National ER for Kids in Austin day this past week, and I think this is an important blog post.  My husband words in the Healthcare industry and has been exposed to many of the hospitals throughout the Austin area. I’m mentioning  2 of the bigger systems below but there is an extensive list on


Dell Children’s Medical Center is open 24/7 and can handle minor to serious injuries.  They even have an extensive Child Abuse center if you ever run across this in the city, which I hope you never do! This is a centrally located hospital, with many locations and resources available.


St David’s Children’s Hospital is located up north, and is a great hospital for level 3 trauma (or less serious injuries). They even have the wait time available on their website.

Do you love your kids and family as much as I do?  I have a great blog on Family Dinner Nights.  Check it out here!


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