Benefits of Eating Chicken

benefits of eating chicken
benefits of eating chicken

Benefits of Eating Chicken| Kayla Banks | Lady Luxe Life

The Benefits of Eating Chicken is something I’ve always wondered.  We hear over and over how it’s better to eat chicken.  But, have you ever wondered why?

I found a great blog about the 7 impressive benefits of Chicken on  Find a few below:

Weight Loss: 

Of course, this would be the first one on my list.  But they talk about why it actually does help with weight loss:

Diets with high levels of protein have been known to be effective in reducing weight and chicken has been one of the main contenders in weight loss. Studies and trials have shown that significant weight control was observed in people who regularly ate chicken breast. [6] This can be attributed to its high protein content and low calories.

Control of Blood Pressure:

Furthermore, this entry suggests:

Chicken consumption has been found to be useful in controlling blood pressure as well.[6] This was observed in people with hypertensionand in many African Americans, though the diet was also comprised of nuts, low-fat dietary products, vegetables, and fruits.

I just found this so interesting!  I know eating well helps your overall health, but to find that chicken can be so positive for your heart health is intriguing.

Anticancer Properties:

My husband is in the medical field, so he’s around cancer patients a lot.  I’m a big fan of prevention of cancer, so I’m going to say yes to chicken.  Here’s what states:

Studies have found that in non-vegetarians, a higher consumption of red meat, pork/ham increased the risk of colorectal cancer, while in chicken and fish eaters, the risk of developing this cancer in later life was reduced, although the evidence is not conclusive.[7] It is also said to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

This alone is enough evidence to win me over!  How about you?

I really do love to eat healthy, and have a great blog about the South Beach Diet along with a great Chicken and Avocado Salad recipe here.  Check it out!

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