Whitening your Teeth

whitening your teeth
whitening your teeth

Whitening Your Teeth | Kayla Banks | Lady Luxe Life

Whitening your teeth is just one of my favorite ways to stay on top of my Dental Health, but I had no idea you could do this naturally. Since it’s National Smile Week, I thought I’d share with you what I found from Medical News Today.

Here are a few below:


Oil Pull:

Oil Pull is something I had never heard of before reading this article, but it’s using Coconut, Sunflower or Sesame Oil.  You use one of these natural oils as a rinse, allowing the oils to pull off dirt off the teeth.  Since I normally have these oils in my kitchen, it’s nice to think something could have multiple purposes in my household!

Baking Soda:

We have probably all heard about this technique, and I wouldn’t necessarily grab the box out of my refrigerator. Although, there are plenty of brands which incorporate baking soda into their paste, which would enhance teeth whitening more naturally.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Not going to lie, this sounds dreadful.  Although, in the sake of talking about good natural remedies, this would be at the top of doing a great job!

Let’s be honest…I don’t know if I would incorporate these daily into my routine. Going to the dentist or using one of these sets or products I found on ShopStyle below, sounds more my style.  But I did find this interesting, didn’t you?



One of the things mentioned in this article, was what you eat.  I love the South Beach diet, which is full of fruits and vegetables which help with cleaning your teeth too.  Check out that blog here!!




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