Last Minute Fathers Day Gift

last minute fathers day gift
last minute fathers day gift
last minute fathers day gift
last minute fathers day gift
last minute fathers day gift

Last Minute Fathers Day Gift | Lady Luxe Life

Do you need last minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas?  Some years, I am scrambling to come up with good ideas for Alex.  He’s easy to buy for…and my love language is gifts…so it’s usually a breeze.  But I like to be creative, so I thought I’d share a few fun gifts for all of you!

I found a really good list of ideas from Country Living, but I’ve listed a few of my favorites below:


They have a lot of these in stores, whether it’s a grocery store, Home Depot or even Amazon for a quick delivery.  You could even do your own quick and easy with an apron, BBQ spices, cookbook and grilling tools.  I don’t know about you, but my husband uses the grill a ton, so it seems like replacing spatulas and tongs can be done once a year!


Technology is running rapid, and this is another item you could buy once a year and it doesn’t get old.  They can be used every day at the gym or during travel, I love this idea!  Makes me want to buy a pair for my husband and I!


You know I love Skincare!  And I love the idea of having an excuse to shop skincare for my husband.  I’m a big fan of making sure we both age gracefully and keep healthy inside and out.


This is so clever!  There are a few local places like Farmhouse Delivery which can deliver meats, but I think Alex would love to have his own special delivery to grill out! Oh…and I think I’d like it too.

Of course, there’s the good ole fashioned card with Redeemable Coupons inside.  I’ll leave those ideas up to you…but you can’t go wrong! (wink, wink!)

I also found a few ideas on ShopStyle, check it out below!

Another last minute idea is to have a fun night of cooking with the family, where you and your kids (or just you!) can plan a nice meal.  Here are some good ideas from a blog I wrote.

I Love my Husband!


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