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spring diet
spring diet
spring diet

Sprint Diet after the Winter Gain | Lady Luxe Life

A Spring Diet is a must for me this year after a long, cold winter. How about you?  I read this article by Harper’s Bazaar which talked about the best way to jump into Spring after the Winter Weight Gain.  So, it’s not just me! Here are their 5 suggestions:


I’m a big fan of the Intermittent Fasting Diet, which usually means skipping breakfast, but this article states,

“In particular, breakfasts containing eggs may help enhance weight loss, as part of an energy-deficient diet, so get poaching.”


Stress plays havoc on your entire body.  My husband is in the medical field, and almost daily, this topic comes up with fellow colleagues.  On your diet, Harper’s Bazaar says:

“Cortisol and other stress hormones act to control both food intake and energy expenditure. In particular, stress hormones are known to increase the consumption of foods high in fat and sugar, particularly in women. High stress levels can lead to weight gain around the middle in particular (known as VAT – visceral adipose tissue which carry a number of increased health risks). Reducing stress is therefore important for both weight management and long-term health. Eating well, limiting caffeine and alcohol and getting good sleep is important. As is taking time out for yourself and asking for help when it’s needed.”


I have definitely been obsessed with counting calories, have you?  I’ve heard this term before, but to “Just Eat Real Food” or  JERF is definitely a truth about eating that shows up year after year.

“Research has demonstrated that dieting, or the restriction of caloric intake, does not lead to long-term weight loss, but instead increases cortisol levels and perceived stress – two factors that are known to cause weight gain. Instead of fixating on calories or restricting yourself so you feel deprived, focus on eat whole, nutritious, unprocessed foods. Aim for two pieces of fruit and at least five portions of veg a day – a rainbow of different colours. Switch to fibre-rich wholegrain rice, bread and pasta, and include good quality protein each time you eat (such as eggs, nuts, seeds, fish, seafood, lentils, beans, chickpeas, organic meat, quinoa and fermented tofu). Healthy food can be delicious, so get creative in the kitchen.”


I’m a big fan of taking a daily probiotic.  Especially as we age, it’s important to maintain good gut bacteria.  I love what this article has to say about the importance.

“There is increasing evidence indicating that our gut bacteria are involved in the control of body weight. It appears that the gut flora of an obese individual differs from a lean individual, and there is potential for live bacteria supplements to improve the gut flora and possibly increase weight loss.”


If you have been reading my blog for long, you know I love to exercise!  Pilates and Barre are my favorite, and I definitely believe it needs to be fun!

I mentioned the Intermittent Fasting Diet.  Read my blog here about this one! Let me know your thoughts!


I Love staying Healthy!


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